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Some of our more-recent or more-relevant publications

Clark R I, Tan S W S, Péan C, Roostalu U, Vivancos V, Bronda K, Pilátová M, Fu J, Walker D W, Berdeaux R, Geissmann F, Dionne M S. MEF2 is an in vivo immune-metabolic switch. Cell 155: 435-447 (2013).

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Schneider D S, Ayres J S, Brandt S B, Costa A, Dionne M S, Gordon M D, Mabery E M, Moule M G, Pham L N, Shirasu-Hiza M. Drosophila eiger mutants are sensitive to extracellular pathogens. PLoS Pathog 3: e41 (2007).

Pham L N, Dionne M S, Shirasu-Hiza M, Schneider D S. A specific primed immune response in Drosophila is dependent on phagocytes. PLoS Pathog 3: e26 (2007).

Dionne M S, Pham L N, Shirasu-Hiza M, Schneider D S. Akt and foxo dysregulation contribute to infection-induced wasting in Drosophila. Curr Biol 16: 1977-1985 (2006).

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Mansfield B E, Dionne M S, Schneider D S, Freitag N E. Exploration of host-pathogen interactions using Listeria monocytogenes and Drosophila melanogaster. Cell Microbiol 5: 901-911 (2003).

Dionne M S, Ghori N, Schneider D S. Drosophila melanogaster is a genetically-tractable model host for Mycobacterium marinum. Infect Immun 71: 3540-3550 (2003).